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ED pills are effective treatment options. Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common sexual dysfunctions facing men. Although most sexual difficulties have many causes, it is also important to identify causes due to biochemical, psychological, and social problems. However, new literature shows that, in many cases, ED is caused by lifestyle. In addition to improved activity, men could be able to avoid ED and displace current erectile disorders at the same time.

As evidence of this, a 2015 report published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine indicated that everyday physical exercise was linked to erectile function in men [1]. The group of men was mixed in color (32% were Black) and had an average age of 62 years.

Participants were classified according to the level of physical activity they recorded participating in. The classes included, sedentary (less than 3 MET hours a week), moderately active (3 to 8.9 MET hours per week), and extremely active (greater than 8.9 MET hours per week). MET stands for metabolic equivalent of mission, taken into account both the quantity of time spent engaging in exercise, but also the duration of the exercise. The aim of the analysis was to incorporate all of the various exercises, weights, and metrics into one systematic instrument.

Participants completed a sexual health questionnaire in addition to their other tests, which measured their sexual function, capacity to achieve orgasm, and erectile ability. Answers to these things acted as a definition of erectile/sexual function and the number of values ranged from 0 to 100.

The findings found that men who exercised the most were the ones with the best sexual functioning ratings. In comparison, they scored a total of 70 out of 100. What is being portrayed as being “highly active”? There are several options to get there, but in general, you need to perform around 2 hours a week of strenuous exercise or about 6 hours a week of moderate exercise in order to fit into this group.

The erectile function of actively active men was superior to the erectile function of sedentary men. It was discovered that there was over a 17% gap between the groups in relation to sexual function test outcomes. Statistical differences were found between Black and White subjects with respect to sexual function, but the impact size did not depend on race.

Men in the relatively active group had a slightly higher average than the sedentary group in both erectile capacity, and sexual appetite. Indeed, it was low (not high) activity levels that were related to less sexual functioning.

The disadvantages to this experiment were that we cannot conclude that exercise increases sexual functioning based on the findings. Perhaps men who are happier in general (sexually and otherwise) actually have higher levels of physical activity.

Significant however, is that the physical exercise really does contribute to better erectile functionality. In a 2013 study, researchers observed that men who were assigned to a higher level of exercise had better changes in their erectile functioning than men who were assigned to a lower level of medication.

A 2017 meta-analysis of the study in this field confirms these results. Men who have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction were assigned to either an intervention or control group. Physical activity was related to changes in erectile function in both short-term and long-term follow-up tests, and this was true with several follow-up cycles across trials. This meta-analysis concludes that physical activity and exercise therapies improve ED symptoms, particularly exercise with moderate-to-vigorous intensity.

To read the overview of their report, please visit their website.

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