Tips For Guys With Erection Problems

What Do You Do For Erection Problems

  1.  Take a prescription medication such as a Viagra or Cialis.
  2. This video says cutting out sugar can help with erection problems.
  3. Trying a natural treatment for Erectile Dysfunction such as VigRX Plus.

3.  Last but not least are natural treatment options.  For that my top choices are Phalogenics, VigRX Plus and VigRX oil.  Here are several other options that we found at 

1. Eat right and exercise.

For starters, key to sexual health and overall physical, spiritual, and mental well-being is proper nutrition and regular physical activity. But what exactly does that mean? Harvard Medical School reports how the following simple lifestyle changes can help reduce or eliminate erection problems.

  • Think about your heart. ED can be the result of poor vascular health, including high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, and high triglycerides. Take steps to control these factors by talking to your doctor.
  • Check your diet. A diet rich in fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and fish—and fewer red and processed meats—can decrease the likelihood of ED. Also making sure you’re getting enough Vitamin B12 either through diet or a daily multivitamin can reduce ED as well. There are also certain foods you can eat that can help improve blood flow and stimulate erections. Watermelon, fish, berries, garlic, and pistachios all can be effective. Learn more about which foods to include in your diet here.
  • Get moving. Exercise builds strength and improves circulation—throughout the body, including your penis. Exercise can also improve self-esteem and boost your confidence, which can go far in improving performance in the bedroom.
  • Or just take a walk. Finally, it’s been found that walking 30 minutes a day has been linked to a 41% drop in risk for erectile dysfunction.

2. Watch your weight.

Regardless of what causes erectile dysfunction, one of the most important things you can do to solve erection problems is to maintain a healthy weight. Sources indicate a strong connection between obesity and sexual dysfunction, citing that obese men are two and half times more likely to experience ED than men whose weight is in a healthy range. It’s also been shown that a man with a 42-inch waist is 50% more likely to have ED than a man with a 32-inch waist. 

If you think you’re overweight, consult your doctor. And of course, take active steps to improve your diet. This means limiting alcohol and red meats, eating more fruits and vegetables, and reducing intake of fatty, sugared, and processed foods.

3. Exercise your penis.

Another step you can take is to exercise your penis. Harvard Medical School asserts that a strong pelvic floor can enhance rigidity during erections and keep blood from leaving the penis by pressing on a key vein. Men’s Health adds that doing “penis exercises” can strengthen the pelvic floor and can decrease both erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

A popular pelvic floor exercise is the “Kegel,” which strengthens the pubococcygeus (PC) muscle. To locate the PC muscle, clench as if you were stopping your flow of urination mid-stream. Then, to tone the muscle, clench and unclench it several times throughout the day. The more control over this muscle you have, the more control you’ll have in your erection and orgasm. Learn more about how penis exercises can lead to a better sex life.

4. Explore herbal supplements.

Another tactic can be found in nature. While scientific evidence is often lacking, herbal supplements have had varying degrees of success in reducing ED and restoring sexual potency. According to Healthline, some of these supplements include the following:

  • Panax ginseng. This root has been shown to produce significant improvement in penile rigidity, girth, duration of erection, libido, and overall satisfaction.
  • Maca. This root vegetable is rich in amino acids, iodine, iron, and magnesium. It’s been found to reduce stress, which can cause ED, and also improve sexual performance.
  • Yohimbine. Taking this West African tree bark is believed to widen blood vessels to increase blood flow to the penis and stimulate the pelvic nerve. It’s also been shown to increase sexual desire and prolong erections.
  • White’s ginger. This root is known to be similar to Viagra, as it increases sexual desire, human sperm motility, and testosterone levels.
  • Horny goat weed. Horny goat weed contains chemicals that work similarly to Viagra, ginseng has been found to increase libido and sexual satisfaction, and vitamin D has been shown to increase testosterone.
  • Ginkgo biloba. Finally, studies have shown that this herb from a Chinese tree may increase blood flow to the penis and may result in improved erections and sexual function.

5. Relieve the stress.

For middle-aged men, sources indicate the main reason for ED is personal and professional stress, such as relationship trouble. Stress and anxiety can alter how the brain signals the body’s physical response. This means it can interrupt when the brain sends a message to the penis to allow extra blood flow.

Based on this, if you are experiencing ED as a result of stress and anxiety, treating it with regular exercise, a relaxing hobby, or counseling can help. Meditation, yoga, and even acupuncture may be advised as well.

6. Take the emphasis off of sex.

Sex is indeed about physical pleasure, but it’s also about communication, trust, and intimacy. Focusing only on erections and orgasms can detract from your connection with your partner and add stress to the situation. Instead, another tactic is to take the emphasis off of sex and pay closer attention to your time together. Hold hands, go for long walks, take up a new hobby as a couple, or plan a second honeymoon.

If you do want to reconnect physically, experiment with ways that do not involve intercourse. Try a couple’s massage, playing a risqué game, or watching a suggestive movie. Flirting, smiling, or even revisiting a make-out session can create intimacy without the need for hours of sex.

7. Try a penis pump.

Finally, an answer to how to get an erection naturally is vacuum therapy or a penis pump. This is an increasingly popular treatment option for ED because it does not involve medications, medical side effects, doctor visits, or prescriptions. It is an all-natural option that uses the laws of physics to create an erection, and then an elastic support ring to hold the erection in place. Sources indicate a penis pump can improve firmness by boosting blood flow to the penis, and that 80% who use the device correctly get erections firm enough for sex.

A penis pump can be used as a means of therapy, as a treatment for ED, or as simply an enhancement to your love-making. And it’s preferred by many men who cannot take, who choose not to take, or who have not had success with prescription ED medications.

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