Boost Low Testosterone Levels Naturally Yoga is a great way to boost production of Testosterone.  High intensity strength training along with changes to diet also both are very effective. Learn the warning signs of low T-levels.  Also explore the causes of low Testosterone and ways t treat it.

What Foods Improve the Taste of Your Semen? The foods that you eat play a major role in the way that your semen tastes.  The wrong foods can make it taste horrible and the right foods can make it taste like candy.  Many men prefer to take the shortcut and use SemenHance to improve the taste. How long does SemenHance take to […]

Low Testosterone Warning Signs

Explore the top 10 warning signs that a man might have low testosterone.  Mood changes, energy levels, and sleep issues can be signs of low testosterone. Low levels of this hormone may also prevent a man from being able to father a child. Low levels of testosterone can also result from radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or […]

Does Penis Size Affect Fertility?

This very interesting study was something that i just had to share with you. A study has raised new questions about how the size of a male penis affects fertility. Published in the journal Fertility and Sterility, the research was led by Dr Austen Slade from the University of Utah. In the study, the penises […]

Can You Imagine a Week Long Erection?

Having an erection for even 3 days would be grueling. I do not know how he kept his sanity through the process. This is a scary and interesting article that I knew you would enjoy. I grabbed a wine-cooling sleeve from the freezer and wrapped it around my penis to see if it would make […]

Does Exercise Help With Erectile Dysfunction?

Without exercise, erectile dysfunction is a common concern, but there are ways to expand the penis. VigRX plus is a last-ditch effort which takes the longest to be successful. This for erectile dysfunction pill is effective, and does not cause lasting side effects. The following details about exercise for E.D. is highly insightful. ED pills […]

What Causes E.D.? How Do You Treat It?

Men appear to publicly speak about issues like erectile dysfunction (ED) for years before their psychiatrist asks questions about them. This condition affects as many as 30 million men. There are many erectile dysfunction myths that need to be debunked also. Erectile dysfunction is described as difficulty in having or holding an erection that’s firm […]

Erectile Dysfunction Myths

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is a common problem and is directly related to the severity of the disease. This is a pervasive problem with men around the world. What causes erectile dysfunction? Males may find it difficult to mention the topic of ejaculation disorder. To learn more on why you shouldn’t believe these common myths. […]

Beware Of Counterfeit ED Pills

According to the FDA there is an alarming number of counterfeit erectile dysfunction treatment that are currently on the market. It can be difficult to distinguish the two for the untrained eye. Learn about the dangers involved as well as what to look for. Men, beware! Products falsely marketed as “dietary supplements” or “foods” that […]